Etiquette, Safety & Discretion

Read this page and any communication from me very carefully.

Update as of July 1, 2020: due to the COVID19 situation, a very limited number of bookings will be accepted, with priority given to longer bookings. I will also allow for at least an hour in between session appointments to allow for adequate cleaning measures. Masks will be available to be used, as well as hand sanitizer and gloves. Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer. If either one of us is feeling unwell, the session will be rescheduled. 



  • Provide ample notice if you must cancel or reschedule our session. My time is valuable, as is yours. See Screening Process & Cancellation Policy
  • Please be punctual for our session, or keep Mistress informed if you are running late.
  • Do not attempt to negotiate session tribute with me. I consider this quite offensive.
  • On the same vein – do not attempt to push my non-negotiables. Do not ask me to perform a certain act or fetish that I have clearly stated that I do not engage in.
  • Always speak to me with respect and as a gentleman – whether it is via email, text message, or in person.
  • Respect my time. I love enthusiastic submissives, but do not inundate me with cellphone/email messages.
  • Please provide tribute at the beginning of our session.
  • Please practise good hygiene. You are welcome to use my washroom facilities if needed.
  • Please do not wear an excessive amount of scented products.
  • Gifts or additional tribute are not expected, but always appreciated. Find out more information about a few of my favourite things here, if you wish to spoil me.



Although there is always some degree of risk in BDSM activities, I take both our safety very seriously. I will always respect your limits and check in with you repeatedly throughout our time together.

Follow my instructions on how to serve & worship, and always ask if you are unsure whether a certain activity will please me.

I will not engage in high-risk activities. Although there is no sexual contact between us, you can be assured that I play safe in my personal & professional life, and am tested for STI’s regularly (results: negative). On that note, it is wise to test at least once a year, depending on how sexually active you are and what activities you engage in.

I am certified in Standard First AID/CPR.

Play surfaces and toys are always disinfected prior to and after our session. Linens and towels are always freshly laundered. Condoms and gloves are always available and used. A First Aid kit and bondage scissors are readily available.



Entry procedures for my location will be discussed upon session booking. There are a few options available depending on your comfort level.

I will never call or text message you outside of immediate session time. I expect the same in return. Email is the best method of communication.

I take my own safety and discretion very seriously. I have a strong family life, and I keep my kink and vanilla lives very separate. If you see me in a public place outside of our session, please do not approach me. However, if you see me at a fetish event or adult-oriented environment, feel free to approach me with respect.

Communication is key. Tell me what is important to you, and I will always respect you as an individual and as my submissive.