Etiquette, Safety & Discretion

Read this page and any communication from me very carefully.


  • Provide ample notice if you must cancel or reschedule our session. My time is valuable, as is yours. See Screening Process & Cancellation Policy
  • Please be punctual for our session, or keep Mistress informed if you are running late.
  • Do not attempt to negotiate session tribute with me. I consider this quite offensive.
  • On the same vein – do not attempt to push my non-negotiables. Do not ask me to perform a certain act or fetish that I have clearly stated that I do not engage in.
  • Always speak to me with respect and as a gentleman – whether it is via email, text message, or in person.
  • Respect my time. I love enthusiastic submissives, but do not inundate me with cellphone/email messages.
  • Please provide tribute at the beginning of our session.
  • Please practise good hygiene. You are welcome to use my washroom facilities if needed.
  • Please do not wear an excessive amount of scented products.
  • Gifts or additional tribute are not expected, but always appreciated. Find out more information about a few of my favourite things here, if you wish to spoil me.



Although there is always some degree of risk in BDSM activities, I take both our safety very seriously. I will always respect your limits and check in with you repeatedly throughout our time together.

Follow my instructions on how to serve & worship, and always ask if you are unsure whether a certain activity will please me.

I will not engage in high-risk activities. Although there is no sexual contact between us, you can be assured that I play safe in my personal & professional life, and am tested for STI’s regularly (results: negative). On that note, it is wise to test at least once a year, depending on how sexually active you are and what activities you engage in.

I am certified in Standard First AID/CPR.

Play surfaces and toys are always disinfected prior to and after our session. Linens and towels are always freshly laundered. Condoms and gloves are always available and used. A First Aid kit and bondage scissors are readily available.



Entry procedures for my location will be discussed upon session booking. There are a few options available depending on your comfort level.

I will never call or text message you outside of immediate session time. I expect the same in return. Email is the best method of communication.

I take my own safety and discretion very seriously. I have a strong family life, and I keep my kink and vanilla lives very separate. If you see me in a public place outside of our session, please do not approach me. However, if you see me at a fetish event or adult-oriented environment, feel free to approach me with respect.

Communication is key. Tell me what is important to you, and I will always respect you as an individual and as my submissive.