Pregnancy Announcement! Guidelines for sessions 2022

To my loyal submissives, playthings, admirers, and colleagues.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a less fucked up 2022. It’s been a difficult year for many of us. I’ve always been of the approach that we should aim to attack all the obstacles that come at us with strength, clarity, and patience. Some may be more arduous than others. Some are sadly insurmountable.

But I believe that there is always, always something to be grateful for. Absolutely. It is what keeps many of us alive.

I’ve closed some doors in 2021 and opened others. One of the latter is that I am expecting a beautiful baby in June 2022 with my long term partner. Outside of BDSM and Femdom, I adore being a mother and look forward to approaching this next step in my life with power and perseverance.

I appreciate the patience my devoted submissives and aspiring subs have shown in receiving my response to their respectful inquiries. This pregnancy has been a bit of a rough ride, but I’m taking it in stride.

I will respond personally to respectful inquiries over the next few days.

Some basic guidelines moving forward:

  • In-person sessions are on pause while I get my covid19 booster shot. They will resume Jan 27. I expect I will be available intermittently between then until mid May.
  • In the meantime, I am more than happy to schedule Skype webcam training, phone calls, custom videos/photos, as long as they are within my interests and current abilities. Email me SirenThorn [at] Protonmail [dot] com or My schedule as always is limited so booking ahead is recommended.
  • I also still offer in-person consultations with masks on (meeting for coffee to discuss future sessions, kink interests, etc). These are available through video call as well.

When in-person sessions resume Jan 27, the following are some rules

  • No scissoring/wrestling sessions until approximately July/August, when I am healed.
  • I am comfortable and quite enjoy cuckold roleplay. So I am more than happy to spin erotic tales to my cuckies about how I get the sex I deserve, and am impregnated by a real man. So if you have fantasies of this nature, do not be shy to express
  • I am also comfortable with some light Mommy roleplay. E.g. being spanked by Mommy for being a bad boy. I have roleplayed with AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover) virtually in the past, and would be open to trying this with consenting adults during my pregnancy. However, I reckon I wouldn’t be interested in it after the birth of my baby as I’ll be changing diapers in my normal life far too often!
  • While it is OK to admire and revere my pregnant body, do not touch any part of me unless I explicitly say it is OK. Eg. I am not OK with having my belly, breasts, or divine pussy/ass touched. It is a privilege to be in my presence, always, no matter what stage of life I am in.
  • I am not lactating yet, but when I am, it is OK to look but I do not do adult breastfeeding.

Always approach with respect. Asking very personal questions is not OK unless I volunteer that information or we have that dynamic. Positive comments/energy is always acceptable. 🙂

Also, it is generally a no-no to ask a pregnant woman if it was planned. I am surprised I have to even address this. Honestly, the only appropriate question to ask is how she is feeling, if you are unsure what to say to a pregnant woman.

When I was doing sex work during my first pregnancy (webcam sessions, primarily, and glamor modelling), I received a tremendous amount of hate. So this announcement took some courage.

I feel more positive that after 8 years, much has changed. I feel inspired by women like Halsey (who put out a kick ass album and movie featuring themes of pregnancy, Madonna/whore dichotomy, feminism, etc), and women like Miss Delphine, a fellow Toronto ProDomme who embraced her pregnancy with courage, grace, and power. Exactly what I aspire to do!

Thank you to both, and to the few submissives I’ve opened up to already, who continue to show support/devotion to their Inked Asian Goddess even as I embrace my dark Aphrodite vibes. 🙂

On that note, it is OK to put your training on pause until July/August of 2022 when I am past this stage in my life. Some activities are impractical/unsafe to indulge in during this stage, and some individuals are not comfortable with female pregnancy (though I cannot personally understand as pregnant women can be extremely HOT, I ultimately respect as one’s own preferences/decision).

Cheers to my fellow deviants and all the best for a fabulous, blessed, depraved, exciting 2022.

As always, your Inked Asian Goddess, Miss Siren Thorn.

PS. If you wish to spoil me, I will be putting together a baby registry but in the meantime you may continue to spoil me in many other ways!

Ideas here:

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